Alfred Lao Minhao wins at Arrowmax Cup Rd1


The first round of the Arrowmax Asia Cup was held at the AMA indoor track located in Guangzhou, China over the weekend. The Cup was held in 1/10 Modified Touring Car Class and 13.5T Stock and F1 formula. The track was re-designed a little two days before the race, so the difficulty was increased. It was raining on the Sunday morning and due to the increase of the humidity, the level of gripping has been increased. XRAY driver Alfred Lao Minhao took the TQ in three consecutive qualifying meaning the overall TQ. The 2nd place was from Hong Kong famous driver “Stick King”, the 3rd place was Lee Ka Wai came from Guangzhou, China.

In the first final, Alfred missed the break point and hit the fence by mistake. The wheel was deformed, and broke a few laps after. Stick-King went up to the first place smoothly and Lee Ka Wai got the 2nd place, and Ma Haoran got the 3rd place in this round.

In the 2nd final Stick King made some mistakes after 3 laps. Then Alfred has been leading the race till finish in this round. Stick King won in the 1st round and Alfred won in the 2nd round, so the result of the 3rd final was very critical.

In the 3rd final, Alfred was leading and kept the first place as usual. The 2nd, Stick King made a mistake and quitted just after a half lap. So, Alfred lead the 2nd car by around 1 lap and won the Championship in this race. Stick-King grabbed the second position and Ma Haoran the third.