Schumacher BTCC finale report


The final round for 2017 of the Schumacher BTCC took place this weekend and the fabulous Cotswolds circuit. The drivers had to contend with incredibly mixed and difficult track conditions throughout the day as the UK weather is definitely in Autumn mode.

Olly Jefferies dominated the Modified class as he has for most of 2017 taking a comfortable win in both legs of the finals after taking TQ. Chris Grainger was 2nd and Schumacher’s Elliott Harper 3rd.

The A final results were:

  1. Olly Jefferies
  2. Chris Grainger
  3. Elliott Harper
  4. Zak Smith
  5. Alex Gardiner
  6. Chris Ashton
  7. Matthew White
  8. David Hall
  9. Aaron Rose
  10. Dave Pitcher

In 13.5T Boosted Zak Finlay took the win from Daniel Blake and Marcus Askell with Schumacher’s James Hart and Chris Gunter dropping down the grid from qualifying for 4th and 5th.

The A final results were:

  1. Zak Finlay
  2. Daniel Blake
  3. Marcus Askell
  4. James Hart
  5. Chris Gunter
  6. Mikey Mansell
  7. Damian Giddins
  8. Michael Warren
  9. Michael Bolt U17
  10. Ben Hillier

13.5 Blinky saw Jimmy Maddision win from Mark Buonaiuto and Schumacher’s Gareth Hollis.

  1. Jimmy Maddison
  2. Mark Buonaiuto
  3. Gareth Hollis
  4. Oli Meggitt
  5. Mathew Willocks
  6. Adam Malins

In 17.5 Blinky Jakob Plechac took the wins from veterans Dave Ringsell and Adrian Sully.

  1. Jakub Plechac
  2. Dave Ringsell
  3. Adrian Sully
  4. Alan Harrington
  5. Keith Jenkins
  6. Mike Mansell
  7. Mark Raddenbury
  8. Loz Shaw
  9. Ray Lee
  10. Bryony Freeman

The final race this weekend also saw the BTCC final Championship positions decided and the prestigious Cecil Schumacher and Robin Schumacher trophies presented.

In the modified class although not at the event this weekend Andy Murray took the championship and Cecil Schumacher trophy, adding his name to a who’s who of British Touring car racing. Ashley Sully-Hicks had a fine season to finish 2nd and David Hall 3rd.

In the super competitive 13.5 Boosted class was a tight fought affair until the end, with Schumacher team mates James Hart and Chris Gunter taking the top two spots followed by Marcus Askell.

The 13.5 Blinky class was in its first year and the championship was won by Schumacher’s Gareth Hollis, with Jason Butterfield 2nd and Jimmy Maddision 3rd.

The 17.5 Blinky class was the most supported in terms of the number of drivers who raced it. Jakub Plechac was the class of the field and took the overall championship from Adrian Sully and Dave Ringsell.