XRAY Racing Series Greece Rd6 Report


The sixth round of Greek XRS was held at FanatixRacingTrack in Athens over the weekend in summer hot weather conditions.

XRS 17.5T BlinkyTC

Great race between old and young Papadopoulos and Ioannidis. The young gun Ioannidis tried very hard with exceptional driving but finally experience won. Papadopoulos managed to make a great manoeuvre at the last minute of the final run and won the race by less than a second. Third place for last xrs champion Kazoglou with steady pace.

  1. Papadopoulos XRAY
  2. Ioannidis XRAY
  3. Kazoglou XRAY

XRS Modified TC

In the modified class, Papachristos was the faster and with great competition from Greek champion Georgiadis won TQ and all finals. Second place surprisingly went to Nikolakopoulos and 3rd for Diamadis.

  1. Papachristos XRAY
  2. Nikolakopoulos XRAY
  3. Diamadis XRAY

XRS X1 Formula

Vagelis Papachristos showed up unbeatable throughout the race and clenched the victory from the beginning by taking the pole position and coming out on top by taking all three legs. The control grp tires made the competition tough and the podium was completed by champion Kidis and his loyal rival Diamadis. The best part was the 2nd final run when Papachristos and Diamadis finished together on the finish line.

  1. Papachristos XRAY
  2. Kidis XRAY
  3. Diamadis XRAY

XRS PanCar

In the Pan Car class, Kazoglou was able to TQ but it was Papadopoulos who took a comfortable win after the mistakes of Nikolakopoulos and Kazoglou.

  1. Papadopoulos XRAY
  2. Nikolakopoulos XRAY
  3. Kazoglou XRAY

XRS 1/10 IC Stock

The best class of the day with 90% of drivers under 14 years old. This is our Greek XRS success for 2017. Kids racing. Theodoropoulos (9) won the race in front of Kouretas Andreas (6) and newcomer Kalantzakis (11).

  1. Theodoropoulos XRAY
  2. Kouretas XRAY
  3. Kalantzakis XRAY

Rallye Game

A new class added, the one of 1/8 tarmac rallye cars with the big .21 engines, big bodies, big tires in a very big track. Koutras Andreas TQ and won the race easily with teammate Christides 2nd and Karounis 3rd after some technical issues Daditsos had with his engine.

  1. Koutras mugen
  2. Christides mugen
  3. Karounis kyosho