Vincent van Gansen crowned Belgian Electric On-road Champion


Last weekend was held the last and fifth round of the Belgian nationals at the MRCZ Zwevegem track. In the qualifications rounds it was XRAY’s Vincent Van Gansen who took the TQ in front of Pasquinel Neys, Stefan Rommens, Xavier Debroye and Christophe Charlier. The other competitor for the Belgian title, Florian Joos qualified 6th due a broken rear drive shaft.

In A1 Vincent took a good start from pole and won his final with 4 seconds gap. Stefan Rommens made a mistake in the first minute which gave Florian the opportunity to finish second this final. Giovanni Moguez was 3rd In front of Stefan Rommens and Xavier Debroye.

In A2 Vincent made a bad start and Pasquine passed him in the first corner. In the second lap it was Vincent who had to start an overtaking race because he made a mistake. The other contestant for the Belgian title, Florian Joos got crashed by a lower placed car at the start and lost 9 seconds. For the first place, it was Pasquinel that was leading the race but he was chased by teammate Stefan Rommens. They battled wheel to wheel to the end, but it was Pasquinel who claimed the victory in front of Stefan, Christophe, Vincent and Florian.

A3 was the crucial final for the win of the day and for the Belgian title. In the final main Vincent had a great start, just like in A1 and took the win. By doing so, he deserve to be crowned for the first time as the Belgian champion. Stefan Rommens was second in the third final in front of Pasquinel, Christophe and Xavier.

Top 10 result:

  1. Vincent Van Gansen – XRAY T4
  2. Stefan Rommens
  3. Pasquinel Neys
  4. Florian Joos
  5. Christophe Charlier
  6. Xavier Debroye
  7. Giovanni Moquez – XRAY T4
  8. Christophe Libeer
  9. Niels Degryze
  10. Sergio Prodi – XRAY T4

Overal ranking Belgian Nationals:

  1. Vincent Van Gansen – XRAY T4
  2. Florian Joos
  3. Stefan Rommens