Gary Huang takes Chinese Youth National titles


This pas weekend were held the Chinese Youth National championships in 1/10 Electric Touring Car and 1/8 on-road car in Yongkang City, Zhejiang province, China. It was an asphalt road and the temperature reached 40 degrees Celsius, the ground temperature was even up to 65 degrees Celsius. It was a hard day, and you were likely get a heat stroke. According to the organizer, only one practice day was allowed for on-road classes. There were not only top drivers from different provinces in China, some of them came from Hong Kong and most of them only joined one class only.

1/8 On-Road Nitro Cars

The track was quite small and was relatively narrow, it was not a typical track for 1/8 cars. In final, XRAY’s Gary Huang knew that there was a distance between the 1st car, he decided to chase over the 1st car at the 1st corner after start of the final. Although the 2nd car tried his best to get closer to Gary, he has also been attacked by the 3rd car. The 2nd car lost his advantage and made mistake after 3 mins. After a short period of time, the 2nd car was out of control in the straight road and quitted finally. Even the 3rd car was up to the 2nd place and pushed Gary’s car closely, Gary still preformed very well and kept the 1st place, and got the advantage after his first refilling oil. The time was passed by 13 mins, the engine of the 2nd car was off suddenly. So, Gary won the Championship in this class, head over the 2nd place by 5 laps.

1/10 Electric Touring Cars

During the 2nd round of the final, Gary’s car was in the 3rd place. In the last two minutes the 2nd car had an accident and gave a chance to Gary to move up to 2nd place. At the last 4 laps, the 1st car was out of control, Gary took this chance to go beyond and got the 1st place in this round. Gary’s car moved to 2nd place at the early stage of the 3rd round, it was not easy to keep the leading position because Alfred Lao’s car has been chased by Gary’s car very closely, Gary needed to confront Alfred’s big challenge because Alfred also had a chance to win the championship if he got 1st place in this round. So, the competition was very keen and Alfred gave much pressure on Gary. Finally, Gary completed this round with 1st place and won the championship in this class.

1/8 On-Road Nitro Cars results:

  1. Gary Huang — Xray
  2. Xu Zhanhao — Serpent
  3. Luo Wen Tao — Serpent
  4. Huang Yiwen — ARC
  5. Wu Chaowen — Serpent
  6. Huang Jia Fat — ARC
  7. Zhong Ye Yi — Mugen
  8. Qiu Zhenzhou — Sherpherd
  9. Yin Zhongqian — HB
  10. Lai Canxi — Mugen