2nd annual British XRAY Racing Series GP report


Race report by Gareth Coates:

The past weekend seen the 2nd annual British XRAY Racing Series GP held at the stunning Cotswolds model car club. It was indeed a weekend of polar opposite weather conditions!

Saturdays practice day was ran in glorious sunshine allowing racers to get in 7 rounds of practice. The pit chatter was that Sunday was to be wet. But racers had been assured that the straw bales in a neighbouring field wouldn’t have been left out by the farmer if rain was expected! So on that advice everyone went home happy thinking they were in for another day like Saturday!  Well how wrong was that farmer!

Sunday started wet and Sunday finished wet! But this is Britain, we don’t stop racing for a bit of rain in fact we don’t stop racing even for a lot of rain! The only weather conditions that will stop us crazy Brits from racing is thunder and lightning! With a stiff upper lip we raced the Sunday away! And proceeded to run 4 rounds of qualification with 2 from 4 to count and 2 finals!

This years XRS attracted some of XRAYs European factory teams top racers. With Alex Hagberg and Jan Ratheisky in attendance. Not forgetting top XRAY UK racers from all classes. Olly Jefferies, Zak Finlay and Luke Lee.

Jan was due to fly in on Saturday afternoon but due to technical difficulties with the baggage handling of his plane his arrival was delayed until 8pm. Not only was he made late, he was also left bagless! The wonderfully efficient German airline had gone and lost both his hold bags! Not a problem – local racers came together to help Jan out providing him with the equipment needed to get some laps in!

In the wet the Formula class requires much less preparation for wet conditions. The closed shells of the formula cars lend themselves well to keeping the water out a few minor set up changes and you’re ready to go. The new Hudy Formula tires were used as the control and also used in the wet.

Local wet weather racer James Millbank took the top spot on the podium, pre-race favourites Luke Lee and Jan Ratheisky suffered from electrical issues dropping them out of contention.


  1. Jay Millbank XRAY
  2. James Greener
  3. Lee Owen Mostly XRAY

The biggest class at this years XRS being the Blinky class. Touring cars require a lot more preparation for wet racing! A popular choice is plasti dip to try and keep the water out! Others were a bit more inventive creating chassis covers from off road racing parts, other just wrapped the chassis in gaffa tape! Track regular Richard King took the TQ but couldn’t hold back a rampant Jan who started from 8th on the grid after experiencing electrical issues during qualification.


  1. Jan Ratheisky XRAY
  2. Richard King
  3. Sam Nichols XRAY

Boosted being the second most popular class at the XRS it was also well contested. Zak Finlay proves not only can he be consistent in the dry but he can be in the wet also! Zak took the TQ and win!


  1. Zak Finlay XRAY
  2. Dan Blake XRAY
  3. Mark Wallace

The premier speed class of the XRS is Mod! Not only does it look crazy fast and exciting in the dry it looks even more insane in the wet! Local and XRAY UK star Olly Jefferies proved yet again this year he’s almost unbeatable. Factory team racer Alex Hagberg kept him honest proving even Euros can race in the wet!


  1. Olly Jefferies XRAY
  2. Alex Hagberg XRAY
  3. Alex Gardiner

The nitro class provided all the smell and noise of real racing. Club member and local Mark Owen took the win from TQ Alex Hagberg after Alex experienced some engine stalls from the wet weather.


  1. Mark Owen XRAY
  2. Alex Hagberg XRAY
  3. Mat Cook