Swiss National Championship Rd5 report


Race report by Patrick Fankhauser:

The final showdown of Swiss nationals was held in Sitterdorf. Overall results showed us that there were three pilots could take the title: My teammates Michael Schäfer and Traugott Schär chased by Maurice Lüscher. I knew the best I could reach was vice-champion. The track had less grip than last year so we had some understeering to fight with. Traugott and Michael reached a good setting before qualifications started and solid with places 2 and 4. In superpole Traugott took the lead and set his second starting position for the A final. I was a bit disappointed with my 6th quali place. During the semi I still had a battle with my own car but could secure 4th spot for the A final.

I knew I had to take the risk of another setup change for the final and so I raised rear roll center once again which gave me the thing I searched for, being 0.3s faster than before and being able to fight for the top. Marco Rizzo, Traugott Schär, Maurice Lüscher and me could get much space and set some fast laps while Michael from P8 tried to get closer. After a technical KO Marco was way behind and Traugott made a small mistake which let him slip down to 3rd spot. I was able to attack Maurice and take the lead. After Maurice damaged his body in the pits, the gates were open for a full XRAY podium. At the end Traugott was pushing hard while I was saving tires so it went close again, but not close enough, so I could take the victory.

Over all, Traugott became the Swiss Champion in front of me and Michael, congratulations!

1/10 results:

  1. Patrick Fankhauser XRAY NT1
  2. Traugott Schär XRAY NT1
  3. Michael Schäfer XRAY NT1
  4. Roger Fasler SHEPHERD
  5. Emanuele Fonzar SERPENT
  6. Maurice Lüscher SHEPHERD
  7. Philipp Bühler XRAY NT1
  8. Marco Tanner SHEPHERD
  9. Ugur Cimen XRAY NT1
  10. Marco Rizzo CAPRICORN LAB C02

1/8 results:

  1. Simon Kurzbuch SHEPHERD
  2. Silvio Hächler ARC
  3. Luca Martinelli XRAY RX8
  4. Christophe Pethoud ARC
  5. Manuela Raso SERPENT
  6. Michael Henzi XRAY RX8
  7. Tobias Kerler WRC
  8. Christian Seiler Capricorn
  9. Christopher Biernat Capricorn
  10. Raphael Wicki SERPENT

Swiss Champion 2017 1/10

  1. Schär Traugott XRAY
  2. Fankhauser Patrick XRAY
  3. Schäfer Michael XRAY