Mike Gosvig wins at Danish Nationals Rd4


This past weekend was held the fourth round of the Danish Nationals in Tølløse near Copenhagen. The track is nice with a good flow and also a good grip even without any kind of prep. The weather will be sunny most of the racing day. Sunday morning it started raining. For the next hour it was shifting between dry and wet. There was almost zero wind, so it took quite a long time getting the track dry again and because of that, the race was delayed for half an hour because of the slippery track.

Qualifying rounds will be TQed by XRAY’s Mike Gosvig. Mike has continued its momentum and took the win. A good battle started between XRAY driver Kevin Nielsen and VBC driver Frederik Broløs for the gain of the second place overall. Kevin managed to took the second position in the two last finals to take le second position overall in front of Frederik.


  1. Mike Gosvig XRAY
  2. Kevin Nielsen XRAY
  3. Frederik Broløs VBC
  4. Patrick Danielsen XRAY
  5. Søren Boy Holst VBC
  6. Calle Jaque XRAY
  7. Anders Molsner Schumacher