Belgian Championship finale report


This week-end was held the last round of Belgian Championship at the MRCZ track in Zwevegem.

Report by Pasquinel Neys:

“Last weekend I attended the last round of the Belgian Nationals series on the technical track of MRCZ Zwevegem. The week before this race I’ve build a fresh E4RS4 kit. I already heard that the grip in Zwevegem was quite low. So, I prepared a “normal” grip car and a “low” grip car. Main differences where a higher roll center softer dampers and hard springs.

On Saturday I had done a practice run with each car. After that it started to rain very hard. I’ve made a couple more changes on the cars but after a couple of hours I decided to go home where there was no rain. I’ve gone for a little bike ride to clear my mind for the final race of the season. It was on my bike that I started to think about my gear ratio on the technical track. This brainstorm session resulted in some late night wrenching to change the ratio.

On Sunday I arrived early at the track to do some test runs. The low grip car gave me the best feeling so I chose that one to race with. In the first qualifier I took third place and had good confidence in the car. In the second qualifier I made some mistakes. I was thinking about stopping to save my tires. But then I’ve heard the MyRCM lady say that my pace was not that bad. The third and last qualifier, me and my car where on fire! I scored second place so I would line up second on the grid.

The first final was not good for me. I’ve touched some dots, rolled 2 times and finished on 6th place. After a good start in the second final, I took over first place after a couple of corners. After that me and my teammate Stefan Rommens had an intense battle for four and a half minutes. Stefan was a bit quicker but I kept the door closed. It was a real nice and hard battle. After five minutes I came in first just in front of Stefan. The last final would be the decider. There where 4 people who could still take the win. Me and Stefan had another great battle but I made some mistakes during the run. I finished third in that final.

Overall I was tied on points with Stefan, in our National series the tiebreaker is the third result which ment that Stefan took second and I came in third. I’m very happy to end this season with a podium finish. Overall I ended up 4th in the championship.”

Report by Lorenzo Vandepoele:

“This weekend was the last belgium championship of this season On the track of MRCZ Zwevegem. On saturday we had a lot of rain, so not a lot of tracktime, On sunday morning, we had the possibility to train a bit, the track was open for about 1 and 1/2 hour, so we did need to move fast, we used al the time we could On the track, to get the track in the fingers, and make Some adjustments.

In the first qualifier Aaron made a small mistake, but with the large dots he flippen On his roof. Lost about 8 seconds, in the second qualifier he had a hit with the wood barrier, and broke a steering knuckle, and quited. So it all came down On the third qualifier, he could stand the stress, and made a few small errors, the car was getting better and better with the setup tips from team mates Jannick Rommens and Pasquinel Neys.

But it was b-final, he started second, the first final he had a great run, and could drive away for the first place, the second final he had a great fight with serpent team driver Roel Jongenelis go was On first place, the switched positions about 5 times in the first 2 minutes, but they both did that with Some impresive driving and clean passes, but then Roel made a mistake, and Aaron could drive away again. The third final whent the other way, Roel could drive away, Aaron came back, but Every time he came close enough he made a small mistake, so overall he ended in 11 position today.

After the last race, the overall standing where crowned also, in the junior class the victory whent to Tamiya topdriver Florian Joos, Aaron was second with team magic, and Matthias Van Laere became third with VBC. Overall after a season where we did not had a lot a track time due to my illnes, still an unexpected end result.”

Overall Result – Stock:

A – 1. Vincent Van Gansen
A – 2. Stefan Rommens – Team Magic E4RS4
A – 3. Pasquinel Neys – Team Magic E4RS4
A – 4. Florian Joos
A – 5. Christophe Charlier
A – 6. Xavier Debroye
A – 7. Giovanni Moguez
A – 8. Christophe Libeer – Team Magic E4RS4
A – 9. Niels Degryze
A – 10. Sergio Prodi
B – 11. Aaron Vandepoele – Team Magic E4RS4
B – 12. Roel Jongenelis
B – 13. Danny Vanbroekhoven
B – 14. Wauters Luc

Overall Result – Modified:

A – 1. Olivier Bultynck
A – 2. Mitchell Van Es
A – 3. Thomas Stockman
A – 4. Nicolas Delisé
A – 5. Rico Claeys
A – 6. Mathieu Gesquiere
A – 7. Athan De Witte
A – 8. Pascal Delferiere
A – 9. Liam Van De Wouwer
A – 10. Tokke Adams

Overall Result – Rookie:

A – 1. Stijn Vancraeynest
A – 2. Alexander Van Gansen
A – 3. Rony Claeys
A – 4. Herman Van Gansen
A – 5. Marc Joosens

Overall Result – F1:

A – 1. Olivier Bultynck
A – 2. Steve Deblaere
A – 3. Patrick Jongenelis
A – 4. Kris Vanbleu
A – 5. Orfeo Tremour
A – 6. Lorenzo Vandepoele