2017 GLC report


Race report by DJ Apolaro:

This past weekend we had the Great Lakes Challenge. This year was the most competition we have seen for a few years and it was going to provide very tight racing in all classes. The Rctarget Team headed out on Thursday to start practice with qualifiers starting on Friday. I ran both the Sedan and 1/8 classes with my awesome Capricorn’s. For Thursday, I used the day to run in motors, test the EVO chassis and shake down the entire package. Over Friday and Saturday, they would run 5 qualifiers in total. In the Sedan class, my entire event was very good. I would TQ 4 of the 5 rounds and get the overall TQ. We also set the new track record with the only racer to do 17 laps in 5:15.196

Top 5 after qualifying

  1. DJ Apolaro – Capricorn C03
  2. Ralph Burch
  3. Mike Swauger
  4. Paul Lemieux
  5. Scott Kimbrow – Capricorn C03

In the 1/8 Class the fight for the TQ was much closer. I TQ’d 3 of the 5 rounds beating out Joaquin Desoto Jr by only 4 tenths. We also set the new TRACK RECORD with 18 laps in 5:05.561

Top 5 after qualifying

  1. DJ Apolaro – Capricorn 803
  2. Joaquin Desoto Jr.
  3. Paolo Morganti – Capricorn 803
  4. Paul Lemieux
  5. Ralph Burch

In the sedan finals, I had a good battle with Paul Lemieux. I checked out to an early lead of 4 second, however I rolled the car by riding a berm. This allowed Paul Lemieux to catch me and we started nose to tail racing. Every turn I was having to guard my 1st position and not let Paul get by. Not making any mistakes we got to the first pit stop and that went better for us than Paul. This gave me a little breathing room and through traffic we got close together again. After a couple of great pit stops we were able to take control of the race and never lost the lead after the second stop. I would go on to make 1 more mistake and this made the race interesting again. Paul and I again were racing with a close gap until Paul made a mistake and this allowed me to just drive smooth till the end. In the end I was able to take the WIN (Big thanks the great pits of Kenny Ives and Frankie Vega), Paul Lemieux in 2nd and Paolo Morganti in 3rd with a great overtake move with less than 1 minute to go.

In the 1/8 finals, I did not even get in 1 lap. I got taken out by Joaquin Desoto Jr on the first lap and the rear shock broke. We could not find the issue and I drove the with this issue for around 10 minutes until I could not drive anymore. We finally found the issue and fixed it, but by then it was too late to give any type of charge for a podium. We would retire the race early around the half way mark. In the end Paolo would pull off a great race to take the win.

Paolo Morganti 1st, Joaquin 2nd and Mike Swauger 3rd. 1/8 scale finals.

capricornrc.com (photos: Mike Myers)