Simon Kurzbuch wins Swiss Champs finale



Last weekend was held the the final round of the Swiss National Championship in Sitterdorf. Although Simon has been crowned Swiss champion already he showed all his skills and took TQ for the final. In the final it was an affair between the top drivers and friends Simon and Silvio Haechler. In the early stage the crowd at the track saw great head-to-head race and the lead changed at every pit stop. At the second tire change Silvio suffered an engine cut and a tucked body in the following laps costed additional time giving some breathing room for Simon. With a perfect drive and an excellent job by his pit crew Chrigu and Pascal the reigning world champion Simon crossed the finishing line 1 lap in front of Silvio with Luca Martinelli completing the podium another 7 laps down. Just before the end of the race Simon was able to better the current lap record to 13879 sec.

In the B-class the title was still open and Christian Kurzbuch (Simon’s father) and Andreas Hächler (Silvio’s father) were in the mix for the title. With a save and clean drive in the B-main it was Christian Kurzbuch starting from 4th position who moved up the order and took the victory securring himself the national title in the B-class.