Dominic Greiner takes 2017 DMC German Nationals title


Serpent driver Dominic Greiner won the 2017 DMC German nationals in the popular 1/8 scale nitro on-road class, using the brandnew Serpent Viper 988 car. At the 2nd place it was Gruber and at the 3rd place it was Merlin Depta also with the brandnew Viper 998, all 3 within only 10 seconds, still on the same lap.

Serpent designer Michael Salven took an excellent 5th position overall (he took the 2016 title last year ) and won the Over 40 Masters title 2017.

In Class 2 the race was won by Hertong, then in 2nd place Serpent driver Braun with Viper 977 and Dill in 3rd place. Braun took the Over 40 Masters title in class 2 as well.