Steven Olsen crowned Danish Champion


This past weekend was held the last round of the Danish DRCMU national at the beautiful ORCM track just outside of Odense, the same city where DHI-CUP takes place every year. This round will be decisive to know who will win the Championship between XRAY’s Steven Olsen and local guy Niklas Engholm. From the first round of qualifying the times showed that it would be close all day, but Steven had the better hand and started in front on Niklas in the first final. Niklas was faster than Steven but never found a way around without causing a collision. In the 2nd final Steven found a couple of things that got his car faster and he was faster than Niklas. In the 3rd final Steven again had more speed than Niklas and took the overall Championship.

The final standing for this outdoor championship is following:

  1. Steven Olsen (Xray T4’17)
  2. Niklas Engholm (Associated)
  3. Jesper Rasmussen (Associated)
  4. Ole Villumsen (Xray T4’17)
  5. Peter Strandskov (Xray T4’17)

Here is what Steven says about becoming Danish Champion for the first time:

“Yes yes yes!! Outdoor Danish DRCMU champion 2017. In the final round of the DRCMU championship I managed a 2nd place and with a TQ and win in Vejle I managed to win the overall season. The car worked great all day, just didn’t have the pace that local guy Jesper Rasmussen had but definitely had the power. In the last final I could push him, but choose not to try to overtake because I only needed a 2nd place to take the overall championship.”