Dutch Nationals Rd5 report


Race report by Rob Janssen:

Last week-end was held the fifth round of the Dutch Nationals at the Hotwheels track in Deventer, this time at a more technical track which I like a lot! This would be the first serious test with the new E4RS4 car to see how it holds up against the rest of the field. On saturday we had not a lot of practice time, but the time we had I used wisely and tested a few things which worked last year on the ‘old car’. Times seemed to be ok so I felt good to start the race sunday morning.

In Q1 it was the first time this weekend I tested the car on new tires. It was great from the beginning. At the very first begin of the run it seemed Sybrand kept a little close but after 2 minutes I noticed I was pulling away. After the run it was a 6 second gap. Also in Q2 I made a TQ run with a 6 second gap. I noticed the front tires were not used at the outside a little so did change the camber back a little from 2.0 to 1.5.

In the finals this made the car a little more sharp at the slow corners. Report on the finals can be short. I won all three with a comfortable lead. It helped a little that Wesley and Sybrand were fighting for position 2, which costed them both a lot of time. So I could enjoy driving the new car which felt pretty quick and easy at the same time!

Overall Results:

A – 1. Rob Janssen – Team Magic E4RS4
A – 2. Sybrand De Boer
A – 3. Wesley Van Dijken
A – 4. Florian Joos
A – 5. Tjitte Miedema
A – 6. Michel Van Der Velden
A – 7. Jari Van De Wal
A – 8. Roy Visser
A – 9. Stefan Rommens – Team Magic E4RS4
A – 10. Ronald Martignoni
B – 11. Jan Kraanen
B – 12. Jarno Van Mierlo
B – 13. Jan Van Goor
B – 14. Joop Voorn
B – 15. Mitchell Van Den Heuvel
B – 16. Alexander Terlouw
B – 17. Rick Arendsen
C – 18. Jannick Rommens – Team Magic E4RS4
C – 19. Jos Remmerde
C – 20. Donny Van Der Kogel
C – 21. Theo Kroon
C – 22. Klaas Lodewijks