Florian Joos wins at Belgian Nationals Rd4


Last weekend was held the fourth round of the Belgian Nationals at the MRG Genk track. In qualifications it was Stefan Rommens who took the pole in front of Florian Joos, Giovanni Moquez,Vincent Van Gansen and Pasquinel Neys. In the first 2 finals it was Florian that takes the win in front of Vincent who comes from the 4th starting place. Giovanni was third in front of Stefan Rommens and Peter Degrande. In the third final it was a battle between Vincent and Giovanni for the win.Giovanni was the winner of the third final and claimed his first podium at the belgian nationals. Vincent was second in front of Peter Degrande, Stefan Rommens and Christophe charlier.

Final Ranking

  1. Florian Joos
  2. Vincent Van Gansen – XRAY T4
  3. Giovanni Moquez – XRAY T4
  4. Stefan Rommens
  5. Peter Degrande
  6.  Christophe Charlier
  7. Pasquinel Neys
  8. Patrick Prinsen
  9. Xavier Debroye
  10. Jonathan Prouvosq
  11. Tom Adams
  12. Sergio Prodi – XRAY T4
  13. Christophe Libeer
  14. Aaron Vandepoele
  15. Joeri D’Eer – XRAY T4
  16. Danny Vanbroekhoven
  17. Carl Van Den Bulck