ENS Rd3 report


Race report by Bruno Coelho:

“Last weekend held the 3rd Round of ENS in Aigen, Austria. In an amazing track and a place with great facilities. The weather forecast was not so good but in the end the weather was almost perfect during the weekend that was very good. Starting with 1/10, my car was working so far so good as I made the European Championship one week before and everything was prepared for this ENS. I’ve TQed five qualifies starting like this in the first position for the final. In the final everything worked as we expected I did only one tire change in 45 minutes as the new surface was very good with a great grip and not so much tire wear.

In 1/8 it was more difficult. In qualifies i’ve fight with Simon in all rounds for the win but he was a little stronger managing the TQ. In the 1/8 final I started second but not so good giving gave some space to Simon but our strategy should have given us some seconds. Unfortunately we ran out of fuel in the middle of the final costing us the fight for the win in the end. It was one more great weekend with a very good atmosphere and one more weekend where we learned a lot about our XRAY RX8 that made us closer to fight for the World Championship in France!

See you at the next race guys!”

1/10 Top 12:

  1. Bruno Coelho – XRAY NT1
  2. Thilo Tödtmann Shepherd
  3. Marco Kaufmann – XRAY NT1
  4. Gerhard Kandelhart Shepherd V10pro
  5. Jakub Rozycki – XRAY NT1
  6. Franz Engel Shepherd
  7. Patrick Fankhauser – XRAY NT1
  8. Robert Patrzek
  9. Christoph Rohrmoser Shepherd V10 Pro
  10. Melvin Diekmann Shepherd Velox V10
  11. Oliver Havránek – XRAY NT1
  12. Léo Arnold – XRAY NT1

1/8 Top 12:

  1. Simon Kurzbuch Shepherd Velox WC “Simon Kurzbuch”
  2. Bruno Coelho – XRAY RX8
  3. Lars Hoppe Shepherd Velox V8
  4. Jilles Groskamp Infinity
  5. John Ermen ARC
  6. Robert Pietsch Mugen
  7. Michael Kammer Shepherd Velox V8
  8. Silvio Hächler ARC R8.1
  9. Toni Gruber WRC GTX 1.3
  10. Timo Schröder Shepherd
  11. Merlin Depta Serpent 988
  12. Dominic Greiner Serpent 988