Schumacher Eclipse LMP12 Alloy Chassis & Lightweight Aluminium Wheel Screws


Schumacher have introduced an alloy chassis and lightweight aluminium wheel screws for the Eclipse LMP12 car. The alloy chassis for the Schumacher Eclipse offers improved driveability in all conditions of carpet 1/12th Scale racing. Much improved 8 minute runs as a result of the improved consistency. This often leads to faster individual lap times as it inspires confidence. Due to the aggressive styling, a weight of 79grams means it is only 11grams heavier than the standard carbon chassis, whilst offering aluminiumís alternative flex characteristics.

Next up for the Eclipse, Atom or any other LMP12 or GT12 car are a new lightweight aluminium wheel screws. Specially designed to have a small head enabling them to fit all LMP12 wheels. Especially useful 2mm hex head rather than the usual 2.5mm so you can discard one tool from your box or work area.