7th Annual Charity race report


Race report by Drew Ellis:

“The 7th Annual Charity race at JMR benefiting the St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital was held over the weekend. JMR is John’s Mobile RC Raceway, usually set up in the parking lot at Marley Station Mall in Glen Burnie, MD. It is pretty smooth asphalt with usually very good traction and always a lot of fun! Even with a threat of rain, racers drove in from several different states to support a great cause.

About 3 weeks before the event the track switched over from running 17.5 TC to 13.5 Spec. The 13.5 Spec class is a random draw Team Powers 13.5 handout motor with locked timing, and a set FDR at 5.0 minimum. This has resulted in lower speeds, but closer and more exciting racing. Though it is not always the biggest class, this is the class that most of the well-known racers from our area compete in. We had something around 20 entries for 13.5 Spec TC for this 1-day event. I entered both 13.5 Spec and Mod TC, but we only raced 13.5 Spec due to low turnout for Mod.

Gentlemens agreement for Spec TC class is 1 new set of tires per day. Most everyone ran an old set of tires from the previous weekend in round 1, as we typically do. After round 1 I would find myself in the top 3 with Sam Isaacs and Mike Gee. Craig Xavier and Danny Jenkins were also fast in round 1. The Round 2 resort would see all the top drivers put on new tires and go for a reset of TQ. Early in the race it was close on top between Mike Gee and myself. Sam broke out early and would not get the chance to improve his time. About halfway through, Gee would make a mistake that would allow me to enjoy a comfortable lead. With new tires and the car working well, I was able to reset TQ. Unfortunately, the rain came shortly after our qualifier and we could not continue the event. Final results were based on qualifying position which would place me 1st, Mike Gee 2nd, Danny Jenkins (XRAY) 3rd, Craig Xavier (XRAY) 4th and Sam Isaacs 5th.”