Triple Crown Series Rd6 report


Jeremiah Ward race report:

“On Sunday August 6th was the third and final round of the Triple Crown Series at Leisure Hours Raceway. We started the day out under cool cloudy threatening skies. The weather would however hold out and we were able to get the event started. Morning practice was a bit dicey due to a green surface and track temps in the mid 70’s. Q1 in 17.5 started around 11 and the conditions were pretty much the same as practice. I ran Sorex 28’s w/ black inserts and managed to set Rnd 1 TQ. USGT was the last race of Rnd 1 and the humidity had dropped a bit and air temp finally got above 70, I started in P8 on the grid and by the end of lap two I was in P1 and set the Rnd 1 TQ for USGT.

Rnd 2 in 17.5 didn’t go quite as well even though I was P1. I apparently had overextended the life expectancy of my Sorex 28’s in practice and in Rnd 1 thus I struggled to hold on and settled for 2nd and lost my TQ. Rnd 2 in USGT was a better run as the field was resorted and I in P6. 4 corners after the tone I secured P1 and produced another TQ run.

Rnd 3 I was risky in 17.5TC. The track temperature had come up into the mid to upper 80’s so I chose to run Sorex 32’s w/ yellow inserts. Wrong tire, the sun came out and I was turn marshaling so no chance to swap tires before my Q. I however was able to run well enough to respond and reset TQ. USGT Rnd 3 I started in P1 and never looked back.

Mains, since we had an extended break both cars were gone over and ready for battle. The Motiv powered RCAmerica XRAY’s finished the day victorious and sweeping the three race series.”