Gary Huang wins at Shepherd Cup 2017


This past weekend was held the Shepherd Cup 2017 in Hong Kong. Unfortunately the weather was not stable during the event, the gripping was low. Saturday, the gripping has been improved than the previous two practice days. The gripping has been increased successively, and reached the highest level at the late afternoon. During the qualifying at the morning, XRAY’s Gary Huang was able to took all three rounds. In the final, he changed the tyres at the beginning and a new set of tires after 25 mins. In the end, Gary took the win in the 45 minute final by four laps from two Serpent drivers, Hui Zhan Hao and Chiu Man in second and third respectively.

1/8 on-road result:

  1. Gary Huang (XRAY RX8’2017)
  2. Hui Zhan Hao (Serpent)
  3. Chiu Man, Ng (Serpent)
  4. Ray Poom (ARC)
  5. Minggalaxy (Mugen)
  6. Chau Man, Chan (Shepherd)
  7. Senna (XRAY RX8’2017)
  8. Kwok Fai, Ng (Mugen)
  9. Nelson Lee (ARC)
  10. Chi Hung, Luk (Serpent)