Danish Nationals Rd3 report


Race report by Kevin Nielsen (teamxray.com):

Third round of the Danish Nationals was held in Glostrup Racing Club on Sunday the 6th August. The weather was difficult ones again, as we have had a lot of rain this summer. Saturday it was time to practice and find a good setup for my Xray T4’17. There was a small period with rain from time to time, but luckily this track dries up pretty fast. We managed to find a setup that I trusted and something we thought would be fast and stable enough, so pretty happy when the test day was over.

Sunday morning it was race time and the weather was looking amazing from the start. The track was prepared and ready and so was I. Out on the track to get myself and my car up in speed again and it drove absolutely perfect. Back in the pit to check that everything was as it should be, before the first qualifying round. Finally it was my turn and 5 minutes before the start, the sky opened. In a few minutes the track was pretty wet and I never thought it would be possible for it to dry before next qual round. Just in time the track was dry again and the grip was also okay. I had already thrown the first qual away because of the weather, so knew I should perform from the start. This round I won so one more to go. Third qual I ended in 2nd place and also took TQ so couldn’t be better. First starting position on the grid for the finals, yes. As the grip was slowly coming up again, we changed a bit on the setup that was making the car a bit more reactive.

First final and when the beep sounded I took off. My car was sliding all over the place for the first lap, caused by dirt from the side of the track I was starting in. Trying to control it best possible and stay on track, I lost a couple of places, so ended as 3th. Second final was much better. Started a bit more carefully and defended my position all the way, taking 1st place. Then I was ready for the last final and I knew that it was absolutely possible to take this home. Unfortunately 15 sec. before finish, I was hit from behind and sent into the grass. Nothing I could do besides waiting for my car was back on track again. Ended this final as 4th. What a disappointed feeling to end this day with. So close and then it slipped. Anyway after some minutes, I was happy with one more good result and things like this happens, when the race is close. Afterwards I could step up on the podium to receive a trophy for the overall 2nd place.

Final results:

  1. Søren Boy Holst : VBC
  2. Kevin Nielsen : XRAY T4’17
  3. Frederik Broløs : VBC
  4. Stefan Finnich : Schumacher
  5. Patrick Danielsen : XRAY T4’17
  6. Mike Gosvig : XRAY T4’17
  7. Casper Morgen : XRAY T4’17
  8. Anders Molsner : Schumacher