Italian GT12 Series 2017/2018 announcement


Italy will soon host their first Italian GT12 Series as part of a new annual series, after recently including the growing GT12 class to its UISP National calendar (Italian 2017 UISP Championship to be held on August 27th, in Rivoli Veronese). The series is open to racers of all abilities and aims to create a dedicated event for the GT12 class, which recently saw a growing interest in the Country.
The series will be contested over 5 rounds in different high-profile venues and track surfaces, with each driver’s best 4 scores counting towards their final placing in the series. Drivers from all over the Country are invited to race, as are all European / UK based competitors of all ages and experience levels.

Calendar Dates:

  1. November 19th, 2017 – Angiolino Minispeedway (Indoor/Asphalt) – Remedello di Sopra (BS)
  2. March 11th, 2018 – RC Landia (Indoor/Carpet) – Scandiano (RE)
  3. May 13th, 2018 – Jokerteam (Outdoor/Asphalt) – Bolzano (BZ)
  4. July 22nd, 2018 – Jokerteam (Outdoor/Asphalt) – Bolzano (BZ)
  5. September 16th, 2018 – Angiolino Minispeedway (Indoor/Asphalt) – Remedello di Sopra (BS)

Technical rules adhere to the official BRCA rulebook for the GT12 class, with the only exception being, at least for the first edition of the Series, the car manufacturers allowed to enter (only Schumacher’s GT12 class cars). Each race will see three qualification rounds (best one counts), followed by three finals (best two count). The winner of each round will collect 150 points, the second 149, third 148, etc.

Registration for the first race will open soon on