RC Maniacs Argos Championship Rd2 report


The second round of the RC Maniacs Championship was held at the beautiful Argos track in Greece. For this round, three classes was held in TC modified, TC Stock (blinky with 13.5t motors and ratio limit), F1 (blinky with 17.5t motors and ratio limit). To increase fun and also playing time, organizers have decided to run a Reedy style event with 8 runs where 6 counted. They kept the idea from Reedy format of changing starting position on every driver for very run to create different “finals” and help us improve on overtaking and also defending our position. Weather was hot with 38° Celsius and the track was 55°-60° Celsius.


Favorite and previous winner XRAY driver Michalis Kiriazis had to leave early due to family obligations but the few rounds he run showed who is the “boss” of the track as he won them all. XRAY local driver Diamantis Sotiris took advantage of this and managed to win the event, while Nikolakopoulos Nikos finished closed second and Tamiya’s Vasilopoulos Christos in third.

  1. Diamantis Sotiris XRAY T4
  2. Nikolakopoulos Nikos XRAY T4
  3. Vasilopoulos Christos Tamiya 419X
  4. Kindis Christos XRAY T4
  5. Kiriazis Michalis XRAY T4


VBC’s Maricholas George set the pace after winning all rounds from Yokomo’s Stifatov Oleg in second and closely behind him XRAY’s Tzamtzis George finished in third.

  1. Maricholas George (VBC)
  2. Stifatov Oleg (Yokomo)
  3. Tzamtzis George (XRAY T4)


Formula saw a great battle between locals XRAY drivers Diamantis and Kindis. Maricholas tried to placed himself between them but he failed despite un great first round. Vasilopoulos Christos created the surprise by winning first round and he had some bad luck on next rounds.

  1. Kindis Christos XRAY X1
  2. Diamantis Sotiris XRAY X1
  3. Maricholas XRAY X1