McBest Swiss Cup Rd5 & Rd6 report


Race report by Michael Schafer:


Something special on the MC Best race is the qualification. The qualification run lasted seven minutes and you had to make one pitstop during the run. The MC Best races are always interesting with a lot of friends and fun. It is also interesting because every driver has to drive with the same engine and the same fuel. So everybody has a chance to win. On Saturday I had to fight with a wild heck. But with some setup changes we could loose this problem. The qualifications were going well and I could fix the 4th place for the semifinals. In the semifinal I won and I reached the polepositions. The semifinal takes ten minutes on the MC Best race. In the final I had an interesting fight with Philipp Bühler, my team colleague. Sadly he couldn’t fight till the end of the race becuase he had some technical problems. I finished this race on the first place and fixed the victory.

200mm Touring final results:

  1. Michael Schäfer – Xray
  2. Dominik Denoth – Mugen
  3. Marco Schwab – Shepherd
  4. Stefan Wüthrich – Xray
  5. Jakob Bühler – Xray
  6. Luca Moscioni – n/a
  7. Nico Prisciantelli – n/a
  8. Philipp Bühler – Xray
  9. Peter Koller – Xray
  10. Nuno Huber – Xray

1/8 final results:

  1. Martin Wenger – Xray
  2. Stefan Graber – Shepherd
  3. Nick Zünd – n/a
  4. Daniel Braunschweiler – ARC
  5. Hansjürg Baracchi – Serpent
  6. Michele Cona – Xray
  7. Beat Heiniger – Xray
  8. Daniel Schwendimann – Shepherd
  9. Heinz Huber – Xray
  10. Stefan Kohler – Serpent


On Sunday there was a nice but cold morning. The first qualification run went very well for me. I could drive 26 rounds in seven minutes. Also because of the very fast pitstop. I fixed the pole position for the semifinal. In the semifinal I won and went with the pole position directly to the final. Ruben Straub, my team colleague, had some bad luck during the qualifications. He had to fight with some problems with the engine. I could help him to fix this problem and so he could drive in the quarter final and bump up to the semi and the main final. During the final his driving was incredible and missed the podium closely. I had a final without problems and could win this race. I fixed the second victory of this weekend.

200mm Touring final results:

  1. Michael Schäfer – Xray
  2. Nuno Huber – Xray
  3. Stefan Wüthrich – Xray
  4. Ruben Straub – Xray
  5. Jakob Bühler – Xray
  6. Marco Schwab – Shepherd
  7. Luca Moscioni – n/a
  8. Dominik Denoth – Mugen
  9. Philipp Bühler – Xray
  10. Manfred Ebener – Shepherd

1/8 final results:

  1. Raphael Wicki – Serpent
  2. Martin Wenger – Xray
  3. Daniel Schwendimann – Shepherd
  4. Beat Heiniger – Xray
  5. Mauro Licchelli – ARC
  6. Andrej Bostjancic – Mugen
  7. Iso Huonder – Mugen
  8. Nick Zünd – n/a
  9. Theo Giannakos – Shepherd
  10. Daniel Braunschweiler – ARC