XRS Austria report


The XRS Austria On-Road was held in quite changing weather conditions during the whole weekend. Thirty drivers in formula, modified and stock classes took their chance to train during the day and into the night thanks to the floodlight. After the rain and sugaring the track the race started and while the weather was getting better and better the race runs became faster and faster: The best lap was made Patrick Gollner with 14,2. Because of the morning rain and the delayed beginning of the races there are just three rounds of qualifying.

Results of the Finals:


  1. Dominik Vogl
  2. Patrick Gollner XRAY T4
  3. Sascha Klug

After a great start from Patrick, he leading half of the race but he was overtaken by Dominik. Patrick fighted back but due to his older used tires he couldn’t keep his position until the end of the race and Dominik won the race thanks to his new tires.


  1. Osvald Alojzij XRAY T4
  2. Linsberger Jürgen
  3. Pozgaj Patrik XRAY T4

In stock class both XRAY drivers from Slovenia Osvald Alojzj and Patrik Pozgaj took the first and second place in a quite dramatic stock race with many tough fights for the places. Patrik Pozgaj rounded out the top 3.


  1. Dvorszki Thomas XRAY
  2. Stiebler Andreas
  3. Teubl Andreas