ST Racing Concepts Traxxas 4Tec 2.0 option parts


ST Racing Concepts have introduced new option parts for the Traxxas 4Tec 2.0 Ford GT and Mustang GT electric on-road cars. The new line of CNC machined aluminum and graphite option parts from ST Racing Concepts will take this new platform to the next level with increase in both the performance and durability. First up are the CNC machined aluminum front and rear hinge-pin blocks in Blue, Gun Metal, Red and Silver anodizing. They will increase the durability of your front and rear suspension and also function as suspension arm brace providing more durability for your front and rear suspension in an event of a hard crash.

Next up are the CNC machined aluminum front and rear shock towers and graphite shock towers in Blue, Gun Metal, Red, and Silver anodizing. They will providing traction by eliminating the plastic nylon shock towers. These graphite shock towers are more rigid and do away with unwanted flex leaving your shocks to do their work properly and adds that factory racing look to your 4Tec 2.0.

Also new is the CNC machined aluminum steering bellcrank set including front caster blocks and precision center motor mount. The aluminum steering bellcrank set will enhance the precision and power of your Traxxas 4Tec 2.0’s steering by upgrading the stock plastic steering bellcrank to stronger and more precise aluminum units. You’ll noticed an increase in steering power with our aluminum bellcranks as it eliminates flex and more efficiently transfer the torque from the steering servo to the wheels.

The aluminum center motor mount offers more heat dissipation than the stock plastic unit and will not warp and change gear mesh due to heat. All are available in blue, gun metal, red and silver anodizing.