Jokerteam 2017 GT12 Championship Rd6 report


With Round 5 of the Jokerteam 2017 GT12 Championship, initially scheduled for July, 2nd, postponed to September 24th, Round 6 kicked off regularly in sunny but hot conditions. As the qualification rounds got under way, it was very close between the top 2 across qualifying with both Mattia Dall’Oca (Team Schumacher) and Ivan Milesi (Treerremodellismo) being the only drivers to put 27 laps on the counter. With the track conditions getting hotter, drivers found it hard to find the best set-up as well as tire compound. Dall’Oca continued his good form from previous rounds of the Championship, taking pole position from Ivan Milesi and Alessandro Rampini (Treerremodellismo).

It was then a fierce battle among the top three qualifiers in the A-mains. In A1 Mattia Dall’Oca hit troubles allowing both Ivan Milesi and Alessandro Rampini to take 1st and 2nd with solid runs. In A2 Mattia delivered a faultless drive closely followed by Ivan and Alessandro Rampini. Finally, in the deciding A3, it was Treerremodellismo’s Ivan Milesi who held it down and took the win using his experience and talent. Ivan would capitalize on Mattia’s early mistake and never looked back, while Alessandro Rampini finished strong and wrapped up 3rd.

Round 6 Results (top 3):

  1. Ivan Milesi (Treerremodellismo) – Atom CC
  2. Mattia Dall’Oca (Team Schumacher) – Atom CC
  3. Alessandro Rampini (Treerremodellismo) – Atom CC

Overall standings after 5 rounds (top 5):

  1. Mattia Dall’Oca (Team Schumacher) – 749 points
  2. Johnny Orsolin (Jokerteam) – 740 points
  3. Alessandro Giubbilei (Jokerteam) – 733 points
  4. Fabrizio Dall’Oca (Team Schumacher) – 722 points
  5. Lorenzo Crepaldi (Jokerteam) – 585 points