Leandro Campos wins at Portuguese IC Track Nats Rd4


The fourth and last round of the Portuguese Nitro On-road Nationals was held at the Maia track in Porto in very high temperatures conditions. At the first qualification XRAY’s Carlos Manue was able to break his track record but in the last quali because low tires, Leandro Campos was able to do a better time and take the overall TQ. Carlos won the super pole to join Leandro in final. From the start, Carlos and Fabio will fight but at 7 minutes Carlos crashed into the chicane and its engine flamed out, loosing almost 6 laps and droping to 4th place. Despite this, Carlos was able to finished in second behind Leandro who took the win. Antonio Guedes rounded out the podium in third.

Final Results:

  1. Leandro Campos
  2. Carlos Manuel NT1
  3. Antonio Guedes
  4. Tomás Andrade
  5. Paulo Mota
  6. Franco Vilarinho
  7. Fabio Ramos
  8. Pedro Igreja NT1
  9. Hugo Trindade
  10. José Felix