Dutch Nationals Rd4 report


Race report from Rob Janssen:

Last weekend we had our fourth round of Nationals here in the Netherlands. Again lot of people attended the race, this time way up north in Groningen. Some people took the camper or caravan out, I did spend the night nearby in a hotel. Last time I was there the track was extremely bumpy. The club managed to do something about that by sanding down the circuit, mostly on the places were the bumps were the worst. This resulted in a little more flat circuit, but with extreme low grip. But of course, for everybody the same. We had to deal with it.

On Saturday morning the track was wet when we arrived so we couldn’t start with practice. Later that day the track dried so eventually we could take our cars out to the circuit for some laps. In the low grip situation it was hard to find a good set-up and together with Richard and Ronald we tried many thing and combined the best working things. At the end of the day I was pleased with the handling of the car and when looking to the timesheets I noticed I was able to do some of the best times.

Sunday night a lot of rain did hit the track so all grip was gone again on Sunday morning. Local drivers seemed to manage the situation the best as local driver Sybrand de Boer did top Q1 with a 12 second lead over the rest. In Q2 again Sybrand was on top of the list but I managed to close the gap to 2 seconds now. With this in mind the confidence grow a little to believe in maybe a first place at the end of the day! In Q3 Richard was the surprise. He did hear something in the pit area about the additive combination that seemed to work best there. It really did worked as he was able to finish in front of me that run.

For the first final I did try the same strategy as Richard and it really worked. I was able to stay really close to Sybrand in the first few laps and felt needing to hold back a little to prevent a collision. When I felt it might be possible to make a move soon it started to rain a little and the grip on the track immediately was gone. We all together did slip off track at the end of the straight and the marshal there had a busy job putting us all back on track. Now it was down to who was able to manage this situation the best. I soon found out off the racing line the grip was the best and started to do some weird racing Lines to see but it did worked as i pulled away from the field quickly. It took a while before others found out the same.

In final 2 it was completely wet. I did put my rain electrics in the car and rain tires on. Not everybody did this, but there 5 cars on the track in the rain. My car seemed to work the best with again the strategy to not drive the racing line, but a little next to it. So with 2 wins the day win was secured. But for the overall season standing every final does count so I prepared to do final 3. This one also was a wet one, but again the car and electrics did work great and I was able to make this an easy one and also won this run. With 3 wins this weekend I did a good job in improving my lead in the season standing in front of Sybrand.

Overall results:

A – 1. Rob Janssen – Team Magic E4RS III Plus
A – 2. Tim Streefkerk
A – 3. Jeroen Streefkerk
A – 4. Sybrand De Boer
A – 5. Stefan Rommens – Team Magic E4RS III Plus
A – 6. Ronald Arts – Team Magic E4RS III Plus
A – 7. Jitse Miedema
A – 8. Martijn Spaans
A – 9. Richard Arts – Team Magic E4RS III Plus
A – 10. Oscar Koot
B – 11. Dennis Been
B – 12. Michael Van Dijk
B – 13. Gert Koopstra
B – 14. Jari Van De Wal
B – 15. Jan Van Goor
B – 16. Rick Arendsen
B – 17. Jos Remmerde
B – 18. Klaas Lodewijks