Hot Race Summer Cup 2017 report


The 4th edition of Hot Race Summer Cup was held at the awesome facility of “Club Automodellistico 5 Colli” in Gubbio, Italy. Four different classes were at the race: Cinquone 299 Class, 13.5 Blinky Class, Modified Class and Invitational Modified Class. Race started on Saturday morning with controlled practice where the 6 fastest drivers in Modified Class have been moved into the Invitational Mod Class. Saturday afternoon started qualifications while Sunday was the finals day.

Cinquone 299 Class:

Finals: The qualification ranking was exactly confirmed in the finals where Pavanello got the final victory.

  1. Simone Pavanello
  2. Matteo Berlincioni
  3. Alberto Fontanini
  4. Sandro Gavazzoni
  5. Alessandro Rossi
  6. Nicola Marrone

13.5 Blinky Class:

As usual in this class the fight was extremely tight from the beginning. At the end of qualifications was Soren Boy Holst to get the Pole Position, followed by Alessio Mancini and Simone Alleotti.

Finals: In the finals Soren Boy Holst and Alessio Mancini offered a nice show fighting for the win but at the end was Soren to get the 1st place. Mancini and Alleotti confirmed their starting position getting respectively 2nd and 3rd position.

  1. Soren Boy Holst
  2. Alessio Mancini – XRAY T4 2017
  3. Simone Alleotti
  4. Djalma Bochicchio
  5. Vincenzo Vazzana – XRAY T4 2017
  6. Florian Joos
  7. Valter Cola
  8. Maurizio Bicchi – XRAY T4 2017
  9. Emanuele Schillaci – XRAY T4 2017
  10. Simone Leonardi

Modified Class:

After controlled practice Alessio Mancini, Alessio Tolomelli, Daniel Baldissarri, Mario Spiniello, Lorenzo Bigi and Alessio Mota have been moved in the Invitational Mod Class being the 6 fastest drivers. Silvio Boni was TQ in Modified Class followed by the “Prince of Throttle” Enrico Avoni and Matteo Menichetti.

Finals: In the finals Silvio Boni confirmed to be the fastest in this Class, followed by Enrico Avoni and Max Michieli.

  1. Silvio Boni
  2. Enrico Avoni – XRAY T4 2017
  3. Massimo Michieli
  4. Nicolò Grisenti – XRAY T4 2017
  5. Davide Rabitti – XRAY T4 2017
  6. Matteo Menichetti – XRAY T4 2017
  7. Florian Joos
  8. Simone D’Ottavio
  9. Simone Pagnini – XRAY T4 2017
  10. Biagio Esposito Lauri – XRAY T4 2017

Invitational Class:

Alessio Menicucci took the TQ in front of his teammate Alexander Hagberg and Marco Baruffolo. In this class was introduced the “last chance qualify” where B main drivers had the chance to get A main.

Finals: In the finals Alessio was able to secure his first place getting the final victory. Alexander was a little unlucky and he got the 3rd position behind a very fast Alessio Mancini.

  1. Alessio Menicucci – XRAY T4 2017
  2. Alessio Mancini – XRAY T4 2017
  3. Alexander Hagberg – XRAY T4 2017
  4. Alessio Tolomelli
  5. Viljami Kutvonen
  6. Mario Spiniello
  7. Daniel Baldissarri
  8. Leo Arnold – XRAY T4 2017
  9. Manu Wagner – XRAY T4 2017
  10. Lorenzo Bigi
  11. Marco Baruffolo