Thomas Vigneron extends contract with Team Magic & HRC for 2018


Team Magic and HRC Racing have announced that the current Modified French National Champion and Modified Euro A-Finalist some days ago in Spain, Thomas Vigneron have confirmed he will drive the all-new E4RS4 and help their team to develop the Team Magic touring cars series. Thomas is a very well appreciated and humble driver, who proved all his talent since he joined the team early 2016, to obtain his first modified national title. Thomas stated:

“I thank all the people from Team Magic and HRC for their confidence. I’m very happy to be able to continue the collaboration with Team Magic and HRC also for the 2018 races. The team is super motivated and I’m very positive about the capacities of the new E4RS4. I can’t wait to start to develop the new car on the various races 2017 and 2018.”