Rosario Giaimo takes Euro GT title


The first European GT championship was held at the new track of Giardini Naxos in Messina. HB Racing driver Rosario Giaimo took the overall TQ. In the final XRAY’s Alessio Mazzeo was in first position but after 20 minutes, after a contact with Giaimo its GTX8 flipped and its engine flamed out. Rosario led the final until the end and won in front of Alessio in second and Serpent’s Beal Glyn in third.

  1. Rosario Giaimo HB Racing
  2. Alessio Mazzeo XRAY
  3. Beal Glyn Serpent
  4. Franco Desiderio Serpent
  5. Dewsnap Paul Serpent
  6. Danilo Pucci Radio Sistemi
  7. Natanaele Senesi Radio Sistemi
  8. Ibanez Alberto