Joe Hwee wins at Singapore National Series


This past weekend was held the Singapore National Series at the Urban PlaySpace – RC Hobbies and Raceway. HB Racing Joe Hwee took the overall TQ in front of XRAY’s Patrick Ong who made his first outing with the new GTX8 and Mugen driver Kenji in third. In the 40 minute finals Patrick was leading with a 1-lap lead but an unexpected problem with a servo hor resulted an early retirement, 3 minute before the end. Not withstanding this, Patrick managed to finished in third. Joe took the win in front of Mugen driver Trin in second.

1/8 GT results:

  1. Joe Hwee (HB)
  2. Trin (Mugen)
  3. Patrick Ong (XRAY GTX8)
  4. Kai (Hong Nor)
  5. Chzin (HB)
  6. Erister Boon (Mugen)
  7. Kenji (Mugen)
  8. Elisa Low (Team C)