Swiss 200mm Championship Rd4 report


Race report by Michael Schäfer:

The fourth round of the Swiss championship in 2017 took place in Langenthal. The weather was changeful and there were just 18 degrees. The track in Langenthal is very fast to drive with some challenging parts on the track. We could win all four qualification-rounds and we fixed us the pole-position directly in the final for Sunday. My team- colleague Traugott Schär fixed the second final-place in the super-pole. He could drive the fastest 3 rounds in the super-pole and was also qualified directly for the final on Sunday. The fights with him in the third qualification-run was very interesting and I pushed myself to my peak. My other team-colleague Patrick Fankhauser could also drive some good qualifications and fixed the third place. He will drive the semifinal on Sunday. My team-colleague Phillipp Bühler fixed the fifth place after the qualifications and he also will drive the semifinal on Sunday.

Sunday was the final day. Because of my first place in the qualifications-round, I was directly qualified for the final and didn’t drive the semifinal. For me, that was very good, because during the semifinal the track was wet and very difficult to drive. But for the final, the track dried and we could drive the final with good conditions. My start in the final was very good and fast but my team-colleague Traugott Schär followed me directly. First of all I was a little bit nervous but after two or three minutes I could gain some distance from him and after my first pitstop I had enough distance to drive my own race. After 15 minutes, my pit crew had to change my tires and they made it once again very fast in 50 seconds! Thanks to the perfect time management with the pitstops I could win some important time to win this race. After 30 minutes, the race finished and I could fix the victory! I was very happy and confident!

1/10 Nitro:

  1. Michael Schäfer XRAY NT1
  2. Traugott Schär XRAY NT1
  3. Philipp Bühler XRAY NT1
  4. Patrick Courtet XRAY NT1
  5. Marco Schwab Shepherd Velox
  6. Jakob Bühler XRAY NT1
  7. Niclas Scherer Serpent 748 WC
  8. Ugur Cimen XRAY NT1
  9. Kevin Lehnherr XRAY NT1
  10. Stephan Fischer Shepherd Velox