Swedish Electric TC Nats report


Race report by Viktor Wilck:

Arrived in Örebro in middle/north of Sweden Friday morning to get as many practice runs as possible on the dry track before the rain was due on Friday night. My 4x worked pretty good especially on new tires compared to the local competition including Swedish stars like Hellqvist, Vernersson, Carlsson, Andersson and Johansson. All Serpent drivers was pretty fast during practice and it looked good for the race.

The race started on Saturday morning and it was raining very badly all day. It was decided to do 2 qualifying runs on Saturday and 3 rounds on Sunday. 3 rounds was counted from 5 in qualifying. In the wet condition Hellqvist was faster and I could only manage to get 2nd behind him. Due to the very wet conditions many drivers had to retire and the result was very mixed up for the final day.

On Sunday we had sun and dry conditions again. This meant I had to tq all 3rounds to get top positions in the final. I manage to tq round 3 pretty easy with new tires. Then round 4 was very close with Hellqvist on old tires but still got 1st. Round 3 was easy again on new tires and I could start from 1st in the final. In the final my car worked pretty good and was fast with new tires again and I could win the 1st two finals to get my 8th Nationals title! Behind me Hellqvist would get 2nd and Andersson 3rd.

Touring car:

  1. Viktor Wilck Serpent
  2. Markus Hellquist Xray
  3. Alexander Andersson Yokomo
  4. Daniel Carlsson Associated
  5. Andreas Johansson Serpent
  6. Lukas Knutsson Serpent
  7. Fabian Vernersson Serpent
  8. Markus Elmerfors Xray
  9. Mattis Järgren Xray
  10. Rasmus Askrot Xray