Serpent optional parts for Cobra SRX8-E & Project 4X


Serpent have introduced a carbon battery holder plates for the Cobra SRX8-E using saddle pack layout and a shorter chassis stiffener for the Project 4X. First up are the holder plates are made from 2mm thick carbon and feature the mounting holes for the small posts which are supplied together with the set. Small body clips are included as well. The carbon plates can be used instead of the touch type battery strap. They are very easy to use, light strong, and also adds some extra stiffness to this section.

Also new is the shorter chassis stiffener. This one offers more torsional flex and basically acts as a connecting point for the servo mount and the front topdeck stiffener. It can only be used in combination with a topdeck, either the new double vertical topdeck or the standard flat topdeck. It also saves a considerable amount of weight. The short stiffener is of course compatible with the new top deck stiffeners, however a 4mm shim is used between the rear topdeck stiffener and the motor mount in this case.

The narrow carbon bumper plate is introduced as depending on the body in use the bodyholes may otherwise just end up in the curve of the hood. This one is narrower and puts the mounts more inside to the center.