AOC Rd2 report


Race report by Alexander Hagberg:

I attended another AOC event in Hong Kong last weekend, at the famous TRC circuit. This time, for the sake of variety, and the driver’s opinion, the organizer had decided to use the bigger GP track for the event. This was a much welcomed move, as it was very fun to drive as a result of its bigger size, and high grip levels.

Free practice started already on Thursday, and I could quickly start to work towards a good set-up for the TRC track. I used my ETS setup from Hudy Arena as a starting point, and fine tuned it by changing rol centers, diff oil, bumpsteer and flex settings. The car eventually got close to where I wanted it to be, and I was ready for the race to start. I was working closely together with my fellow team mate, the young Singaporean Dominic Quek, who also showed a great pace throughout the week, and provided plenty of good information as well from his testing.

Unfortunately, the event was struck by heavy rain showers throughout. The organizer was able to be flexible with the schedule, to allow drivers to get most of their runs in! I can also say for certain that I have never seen such heavy rain, and such a flooded track, dry up so quickly and also come back to decent traction levels in such short time! It was really amazing to see.

Eventually I managed to qualify 3rd, even with two DNFs in qualifying. I didn’t make mistakes when it really mattered, and even though I was a bit off pace, I could secure 3rd, with a 2nd and a 3rd place result. Dominic qualified 9th, but managed to win the B-main in style, to bump up into the prestigious A-final!

The finals were rather eventful. In A1 I could advance to 2nd overall after a mistake from Naoto. In A2 I got taken out from behind by the 4th qualified driver, which ended the final early for both of us. A3 was going to be the decider for all the podium spots. I didn’t have the speed unfortunately, but could hold on to 4th, which was enough to be 3rd overall, and step on the podium. A decent result at a pretty tough race weekend! Dominic did really well in the finals, particularly with a 3rd place in A2 – he would eventually finish 6th overall in this really competitive field! The Chinese XRAY team driver Gary Huang qualified 7th with his XRAY T4, but would finish the finals in an unlucky 10th position!

In the Super Stock class, we saw a strong performance from the local XRAY driver Yan Cheung, whom managed to win 4th place overall! Ming Galaxy also made the final with an XRAY car. I want to send out a big thank you to Simon and Anthony from World Model for all their hospitality and arrangements! Thanks to everyone that attended our XRAY Workshop on the Friday night! Last but not least, thanks to Frankie, Yan and Michael from ORCA for all their support at their “home” event! Hope to see everyone soon!

Modified TC results:

  1. Akio Sobue
  2. Naoto Matsukura
  3. Alexander Hagberg – XRAY T4’17
  4. Jilles Groskamp
  5. Nicholas Lee
  6. Dominic Quek – XRAY T4’17
  7. Andy Moore
  8. Fai Ho
  9. Ray Poon
  10. Gary Huang – XRAY T4’17

Super Stock 13.5 results:

  1. Ian Lee
  2. Naoya Morita
  3. Keith Chui
  4. Yan Cheung – XRAY T4’17
  5. Joey Chan
  6. Chan Chau Man
  7. Derek Yuen
  8. Ming Galaxy – XRAY T4’17
  9. Top Man
  10. Michael Lo