Kurzbuch & Schäfer win EFRA GP Series Rd2


During Saturday night a huge storm come to Lostallo. Rain flew the track until 9,00am just that weather forecast told a day before. Race Director, Ernesto Camponovo, with good criteria thanks to his huge experience, delay the race program until 10.00. Then he opened the track for free practice until 10.30. So, race program started at 10.30 with dry track. Race program started in ¼ B. Drivers who bumped up were Marco Rizzo, Daniel Bapst and Stefan Graber. For ¼ A Antonie Gaschet, Rolf Suter and Alain Levy bumped up to Semi. 6 new drivers in Semis fighting fo a place in the main.
After ¼ final, practice for 2 finalists Simon Kurzbuch and Lamberto Collari. Their works were to test best tires and strategies for the final.

After good semi-finals, Kyle Branson, Daniele Ielasi, Maximilian Vogl, Stefan Hanauer, Mattia Pesenti, Nicola Marrone, Marco Vanni and Louis Christophe got the main final in 1/8th. Everything ready to the finals.

First, we started with 1/10th. In the beginning Toni Gruber, had perfect start with fast driving, which caused to get 3-4 seconds gap with second car. But, after 27 minutes technical problems come again (difficult weekend for German top driver) and he said goodbye to the victory. Xray driver Michael Schäfer took head of the race and, with safe driving and perfect pit stop together with his pit crew, set the pace and got the victory in the EFRA GP.

Time for 1/8th. 2 fasters drivers during the weekend, reining IFMAR WC Simon Kurzbuch and 9 times IFMAR WC Lamberto Collari were ready for a real fight on the track. But, on the grid, others top drivers waiting for their opportunity to win. After the start, Kurzbuch set the pace and tried to get distance with Lamberto. Tire and refueling strategy made that both drivers change position in the final, but always with a little advantage for Simon. 3rd place were chased by Daniele Ielasi, Kyle Branson (come back to 1/8th IC after 9 months) and Xray local driver, Mattia Pessenti super fast in his track. In last refueling Lamberto Collari, with fresh tires after last tire change, caught Simon and we saw a super-nice battle between them until last minute, when Lamberto made a little mistake that he cost 3 seconds, enough for Simon to take the victory in the EFRA GP SERIES. After 1st and 2nd, WRC/Novarossi official driver Daniele with safe driving (because “I was thinking in the EFRA GP SERIES TITLE” he said) got 3rd place. 4th was for Kyle Branson who lost 3rd place due mechanicals problems in last 2 minutes in favor to Daniele and Mattia Pessenti also with technical problems in 5th position.

Finally, EFRA GP Series title in 1/8th after two races has been for Daniel Ielasi, 2nd place for Simon Kurzbuch and 3rd place for Lamberto Collari. In 1/10th EFRA GP Series title has been for Alessio Mateo  following by Dominic Greiner and Mario Spinello.

First year for EFRA GP Series is in the books now. We got nice and exciting races in Cassino and Lostallo, but most important was great atmosphere on the track. Next year, will come back with new season of EFRA GP Series. Top drivers together with local drivers in best locations in Europe with EFRA spirit on the track. More news, more races and more fun will come in 2018.