French Electric On-road Nats Rd4 report


The 4th round of French Nats took place in La Ferriere-Aux-Étangs near Caen in France. The track was fast and bumpy with very high curbs that made it hard to drive without mistakes. Some specific parts of the track gave an advantage to local drivers since they are used to drive in a specific path. TC Qualifications started on Saturday afternoon. Steeve Favrelle (XRAY) managed to take two TQs and Pierre Delorme won the last one of the day by putting the fastest TQ. On sunday morning we had two more rounds of qualifications, in the first one Pierre managed to get a faster TQ than on Saturday which gave him the overall TQ in front of Steeve who won the 5th qualification.

For the finals Steeve had issues with his electronics so he didn’t start. With my new tires, Pierre managed to conserve the lead in A1 without making mistakes. In A2 he had nice battle with Steeve and it was hard to contain him as he had a set of new tires. On a bumpy part of the track Pierre lost the rear and he passed him. Pierre was 2nd and he knew this place allowed me to win the championship so he raced without taking risks to the finish line. In A3 Pierre was already the champion so he could take some risks to win the race. he managed to keep the door closed to Steeve during the whole 5 minutes as we were both running used tires and cruised to the win!

Top 10 TC 10.5 Blinky:

  1. Pierre Delorme (XRAY/Trinity/XSV)
  2. Steeve Favrelle (XRAY)
  3. Jeremy Delalondre (Schumacher)
  4. Mathias Rascol (XRAY)
  5. Romain Delaunay (XRAY/Trinity)
  6. Bukowski Yohann (Schumacher)
  7. Rivard Aurélien (Schumacher)
  8. Brasset Benjamin (XRAY)
  9. Éric Sauterau (XRAY/Trinity)
  10. Rabbe Jean-Pierre (XRAY/Trinity)

In Modified it was Thomas Vigneron who was the fastest in qualifications but Cyril N’Diaye found way to pass him in finals and took the win:

Top 10 Modified TC:

  1. Cyril N’Diaye (Awesomatix)
  2. Thomas Vigneron (TM)
  3. Remi Callens (TM)
  4. Jeremy Limoges (XRAY)
  5. Gergen Jonathan (XRAY)
  6. Hugo Ragaut (Awesomatix)
  7. Sion Benjamin (XRAY)

In TC 13.5 Blinky the race was very tight between Steeve Favrelle and Briac Berthoud during the whole weekend. Briac took 3 TQ and Steeve two but he had the fastest one. During the finals Briac didn’t find a way to pass Steeve in A1 and A2 but he won A3.

Top 10 TC 13.5 Blinky:

  1. Steeve Favrelle (XRAY)
  2. Briac Berthoud (XRAY/Trinity)
  3. Julien Jost (Yokomo)
  4. Laurent Desperies (XRAY/XSV)
  5. Orer Eugène (Awesomatix)
  6. Tran Hai Long (Schumacher)
  7. Gilles Hendrickx (N.A.)
  8. Gibert Sébastien (XRAY/Trinity)
  9. Renaud Brusselles (XRAY/Trinity/XSV)
  10. Rousselin Florian (N.A.)

In Formula One, Jeremy Limoges dominated the whole weekend with a nice TQ and win, this make him in good position for the championship ranking.

Top 10 Formula One:

  1. Jeremy Limoges (XRAY/Trinity)
  2. Willy Voisangrin (Serpent/Trinity)
  3. Jean Michel Varinard (XRAY/Trinity)
  4. Ghislain Mantrand (Team AE/Trinity)
  5. Blondeau Thomas (XRAY)
  6. Philippe Pauvert (XRAY/Trinity)
  7. Frédéric Favier (XRAY/Trinity)
  8. Boissaunade Jean Paul (XRAY)
  9. Meunier François (XRAY)
  10. Lehmann Éric (XRAY)