Poland on-road Championship rd3 report


This past weekend was hled the third round of the Poland on-road Championship on a sugar-treated track for a better grip . The weather was warm and cloudy so for modified these were the best conditions. In the Pro Stock class XRAY’s Arkadiusz Smyk easily won all the qualification rounds and therefore the overall TQ. In Modified Arkadiusz took again the TQ after more difficult rounds. Indeed in the first round Bartosz Pochopień won, then Arkadiusz won the second and third rounds. In Formula its was XRAY driver Krystian Kopacki who took the overall TQ.

Unfortunately the rain came and stoped the qualifications. On Sunday the weather was warm and a little cloudy. The track was still wet but the water evaporated quickly.

In the Pro Stock finals the difference between Arkadiusz’s best laps and his opponents was almost one second. He took easy the win in two finals. His teammate Krystian Kopacki finished in second and Łukasz Mach in third.

In modified, in the first final Bartosz Pochopień was behind Arkadiusz all the time. At the end behind the loop he has increased its speed and comes closer to Arkadiusz but made the mistake at the last corner. The first final was for Arkadiusz. In the second final run Bartosz Pochopień made too many mistakes and Mateusz Ogonowski coming from the third spot jumped to the second place. Arkadiusz was far ahead and took again the win in front of Bartosz Pochopień in second and Mateusz Ogonowski in third.

For the Formula finals, the track conditions have changed very often. In the first final Patryk Jeż’s X1 was a little bit easier and smoother to drive. It gave him more corner speed but Krystian was again too fast. He took th win from Patryk in 2nd place and Sebastian Stępniak in 3rd. Second final was perfect for Patryk. On the third lap he managed to overtook Krystian and Łukasz and won this heat with a good gap. Krystian finished in 2nd and Łukasz in 3rd.

Last final decided who will win the event. Krystian was out beacause he had a problem with his receiver. Patryk passed Krystian and Łukasz at the first lap and led until the end of the race. Łukasz took the 2nd position and Sebastian the 3rd. At the end, Patryk took the win in front of Krystian in 2nd and Łukasz in 3rd.