Quentin Leroux is back to back 200mm French Champion


The fourth and final round of the French championship took place in great weather conditions on the circuit of Besançon (eastern France). The title would be in contention between Basile Concialdi, the current leader of the championship and Quentin Leroux, second with two first unlucky rounds. To take the lead of the championship, Quentin would need to take the pole position and win and hope for a third maximum place of Basile. In Saturday morning’s timed practice Quentin seemed already faster with an average of 17.2 seconds on three consecutive laps, followed by Thomas Gold in 17.4 then Brice Turco/Basile Concialdi/Michael Derderian all in 17.6.

The temperature rises for qualifying, the cars become more and more delicate and slower due to the different traction. In the end the pole will be signed by Quentin Leroux (Capricorn) in 17.4 followed by Thomas Gold (Carpricorn) and Brice Tuco (Capricorn). This allowed Quentin to take 20 more points for the championship. For the Sunday final the temperature rose again, and Basil seemed to have found a good setup for the long run. At the start of the final Quentin checks out stretching his lead while Basil tries to find a way to ensure at least a second place. Successful thing for Basil who gets to follow the leader, but unfortunately a mistake would cost him a lot and he quickly gets lapped by the leader. Eventually a radio problem will end his race. This led to a beautiful fight for 2nd and 3rd place between Kevin Rahul, Thomas Gold and Brice Turco. At the end Kevin and Thomas will complete the podium to make it a Capricorn 1-2-3. At the end of this round Quentin won the title again for the second consecutive time.