BRCA 1/10 on-road National Rd3 report


Round 3 of the British National Championships were held at the Mendip Raceway in the South West of the UK. The weather on Saturday was good sunny all day. Top three drivers for 200mm Touring in practice were Mark Green (Serpent 748WC) Joe Kerry (Capricorn) and Alex Thurston (Serpent 748WC). In the 220mm GT class Glyn Beal (Serpent 748WC) was the fastest with Rickard K (Xray) very close behind.

Race day Sunday and the weather forecasters got it wrong. It started raining at the start of Heat 1 Round 1 and only stopped when the Finals had finished. Mark Green took TQ for 200mm Touring and Glyn Beal for 22mm GT. 200mm Touring A Final started with a drying track and some of the drivers started the race on dry tires but after 2 or 3 minutes it started to rain again and tire changes were needed for most of the drivers. The final was won by Alex Thurston with Ollie Williams in second and Mark Green in third.

220mm GT A Final was on a nearly dry track, Glyn Beal took the lead with Dan Jones very close behind until Dan had a flame out, he managed to hold onto second place and Richard K finishing 3rd.