Serpent Project 4X linear upper arm connectors


Coming soon from Serpent are the linear upper arm connectors for the Project 4X. These new longer more linear connectors need to be combined with shorter links. The new default link length is achieved by using the included ball joints which connect on setscrews until both ball joints touch each other, so no measuring is necessary. The new geometry creates more linear action over the full stroke of the suspension movement. The standard ones have a degressive characteristic.

Some drivers mentioned feeling the car to buckle in high grip conditions which was caused by the suspension getting softer towards the end of suspension stroke. While the new links prevent this effect they also improve the reaction on setup changes, making the car more predictable. The parts were already in use by Wilck at the Reedy 2017 where he took a podium finish, and will be in use at the next ETS races too and EC.