Second International Youth Car Modelling Championship announcement


The International Youth R/C Models Association, sanctioned by IFMAR have announced The Second International Youth Car Modelling Championship. The championship succeeds the championship that successfully took place last year, creating a unique environment, combining and filled by the passion and enthusiasm of the young drivers and by the professionalism and experience of the organizers, IYRCA and supervised by Mr. Lin and Mr. Mathiesen.

Basic Informations:

  • What: The Second International Youth Car Modelling Championsip
  • When: 9th August – 13th August 2017
  • Where: The venue is located in Czech Republic in Prague in Kralovka Sportovni Areal Praha Stadium

Race Categories:

  1. 1/10 EP Touring Car (Stock)
  2. 1/10 EP Touring Car (Modified)
  3. 1/14 EP Onroad Car (Stock)
  4. 1/10 EP Formula One (Modified)

Age Groups:

U13 (Competitors born after 9th August 2004Å U16 (Competitors born after 9th August 2001) U19 (Competitors born after 9th August 1998) You are cordially invited to take part in The Second International Youth Car Modelling Championship. The Championship follows up on last year’s successful championship and will overcome its stunning atmosphere as a magnificent duel of young competitors.

Under the patronage of Dallas Mathiesen of the IFMAR world association, who will be present during the whole event, this Second International Youth Car Modelling Championship will take place from Wednesday 9th August to Sunday 13th August 2017. The event will be held in the Kralovka Sportovni Areal Praha Stadium in Prague – Bubeneč on the ETS carpet in the 1:10 EP TC Stock, 1:10 EP TC Modified, 1:14 EP Onroad Car Stock and 1:10 EP Formula One Modified categories. The event is primarily intended for children – juniors in the age categories 13 to 19.

It is worth noting that juniors in the Stock category will receive identical RTR sets, including all electronics, a transmitter and also a recharger with batteries! With decently equipped cars, where the set comprises of a carbon chassis with a brushless combo and a 2.4GHz transmitter, the juniors will be able to compete primarily in their skills! The organizers’ aim is to attract as much young people as possible to the track.

Juniors from a number of continents should take part in the competitions. Namely, a large group of people from Asia should arrive in Prague. Enjoy this unique opportunity, take your parents or children and come compete!

For further information and registration please visit our website Feel free to share this information to all your friends and the others. In case of any question please do not hesitate to contact us. Looking forward to see you.