XRS Tour Italy final report


Last round of XRS Tour Italy was held at the “Gianni Modellismo” track in Ciampino, Rome. As usual drivers were divided into the Formula Class, Stock Class, Pro Stock Class and Modified. Race started on Sunday morning with 3 qualifications round and 3 finals.

Pro Stock Class:

Alessio Valentini took the TQ in this class followed by Flavio Buzi, Valter Cola and Nico Catelani. These three drivers were very close, only less than 0,05 s between the second and fourth. Valentini confirmed his good pace in the finals getting the final victory while Cola was able to take the 2nd place in front of Flavio Buzi after a tight fight.

Final Results:

  1. Alessio Valentini
  2. Valter Cola – XRAY T4 2017
  3. Flavio Buzi
  4. Djalma Bochicchio
  5. Luigi Arcari
  6. Nico Catelani – XRAY T4 2017
  7. Maurizio Bicchi – XRAY T4 2017
  8. Alessandro Tenzi – XRAY T4 2017
  9. Emanuele Corniola – XRAY T4 2017
  10. Luigi Sommaruga


XRAY’s Alessio Menicucci took the TQ in front of Simone D’Ottavio and Nicola Marrone. In the finals he was able to confirm qualification results with no mistakes, he won the race. Simone and Nicola engaged a fight for all finals but in the end was D’Ottavio to confirm his 2nd position in front of Marrone.

Final Results:

  1. Alessio Menicucci – XRAY T4 2017
  2. Simone D’Ottavio
  3. Nicola Marrone
  4. Alberto Petruzzo – XRAY T4 2017
  5. Pierluigi Mattei
  6. Vito Campanella
  7. Marco Migliari – XRAY T4 2017
  8. Lucio Spezzaferro – XRAY T4 2017


Many young drivers attended the stock class. Anelli fight for the victory after the pole but Bagagli was better with used tyres in the final. Below list.

Final Results:

  1. Bagagli Alessandro XRAY T4 2017
  2. Anelli Flavio XRAY T4 2017
  3. D’Onofrio Marco XRAY T4 2017
  4. Domanin Filippo XRAY T4 2017
  5. Capasso Pasquale
  6. Donzelli Roberto XRAY T4 2017
  7. De Ritiis Emanuele XRAY T4 2017


Rome is F1 TA series home and best F1 drivers are there. We had fight with best Italian driver. Qualification sow former RC driver Fabio Domanin playing with his X1 for 1st time taking the pole with Magnocavallo in 2nd place and Giorgio Alberto with XRAY X1 in third. In the finals a tyre damage made Domanin slow down with Magnocavallo winning the race followed by Cardelli and Maciocchi.

Final Results:

  1. Magnocavallo Luca
  2. Cardelli Massimo
  3. Manciocchi Alessandro XRAY X1
  4. Domanin Fabio XRAY X1
  5. Sarra Marco
  6. Giorgio Alberto XRAY X1
  7. Spedaliere Pierpaolo XRAY X1
  8. Capuano Antonio
  9. Pipolo Giuseppe
  10. De Riitis Dalia XRAY X1