BRCA Clubmans Cotswold Rd3 report


Race report by Gareth Coates, UK Team XRAY Manager:

This past weekend was held thr third round of the BRCA Clubmans Cotswold in UK. The gates officially opened at 11am on Saturday to get practice underway but as ever keen racers were on site way before that getting ready for the track to open! The weather on Saturday was great nice and warm and most importantly dry! Alex Hagberg kindly gave up some of his free time to come and assist racers. Olly Jefferies dropped in on Sunday also to offer some much needed help and advice to the XRAY team.

Sunday’s weather couldn’t have been more different started out dry and sunny then after lunch it rained some but the track dried out fast as it does at Cotswold we managed to get another round of qualification in before the heavens officially opened and made for a very wet finals.

13.5T Open

  1. Zak Finlay – XRAY T4’17
  2. Chris Gunter Schumacher
  3. Marcus Askell – XRAY T4’17
  4. Adrian Bidewell Associated
  5. Dan Blake – XRAY T4’17
  6. Dale Burr – XRAY T4’17
  7. Luke Burr – XRAY T4’17
  8. Michael Johnson – XRAY T4’17
  9. Andrew Robson Schumacher
  10. Ben Cane Schumacher

17.5 Blinky

  1. Glen Westwood Schumacher
  2. Darren Tickner – XRAY T4’17
  3. Jimmy Maddison Awsomatix
  4. Mark Trinder – XRAY T4’17
  5. Gavin Clinch ARC
  6. Malc Hall Awsomatix
  7. Andrew Walters Awesomatix
  8. Jak Sansom – XRAY T4’17
  9. Richard Brown – XRAY T4’17
  10. Dom Shaore – XRAY T4’16


  1. Luke Lee – XRAY X1
  2. Tony Wade MD
  3. Gareth Harold Associated
  4. James Millbank – XRAY X1
  5. James Wright Exotek
  6. Lee Owen ORE
  7. Michale Lee – XRAY X1
  8. Make Haswell – XRAY X1
  9. Damien Giddins – XRAY X1