SWORKz Zeus 1/8 Pro Monster Truck Kit


SWORKz have introduced the Zeus 1/8 Pro Monster truck kit. The ZEUS project is the result of SWORKz passion for improvement combining every detail into a more balanced and improved truck. The SWORKz Zeus Pro Monster Truck Kit comes standard with many SWORKz Factory Team option parts which improve strength, performance, and value.

SWORKz utilizes only the highest quality materials and industry leading manufacturing processes resulting in a faster, stronger, and more reliable vehicle. The Zeus Pro Monster truck has been designed to out-perform the competition on any off-road terrain while offering amazing performance to drivers of all levels.

Zeus kit features:

  • Lightened chassis with T6 aluminum in B.H.C (black hard coating).
  • Pro Shock Towers made of lightened T6 aluminum.
  • New Hex-Cell Shock Bladders, special Impact Shock Piston system, and Pro 2.0 shock system with 4mm shock shafts.
  • High Performance Crown Gears and Pinion Gears.
  • Full CVD Drive Shafts.
  • New adjustable Rear Lower Plastic Insert Toe-In system.
  • Double Protection Bumper Design.
  • Sealed Front and Rear Arms design.
  • New Center Diff transmission drive shaft system.
  • Adjustable front upper and lower suspension arm system.
  • Speed Rhinocero Body Shell included.