Fábio Ramos win at Portuguese 200mm nationals Rd2


Last weekend was held the second round of the Portuguese Nats in Vila Real, the track where will be held the 2018 Euro. XRAY driver Carlos Manuel was able to get 3rd place in qualifying, due to some issues but he won the super pole. Carlos started second in the final and was creating his pace behind Sheperd’s Fábio Ramos in first, but a small mistake took him to 5th place. Fortunally Carlos was able to get fast to 2nd place and managed to hold his place untill at 3 minutes missing to the end of the race, a car hit his T4 and he finished only in seven place. Fábio took the win from Pedro Grandao in second and Mugen’s Nuno Durães in third.

Final results:

  1. Fábio Ramos Sheperd
  2. Pedro Grandao – XRAY NT1
  3. Nuno Durães Mugen
  4. Raul Prata Mugen
  5. Hugo Trindade Serpent
  6. Ricardo Sousa – XRAY NT1
  7. Carlos Manuel – XRAY NT1
  8. Abilio Ganilho – XRAY NT1
  9. Rolando Caseiro Serpent
  10. Pedro Igreja – XRAY NT1