Julius Kolff wins at Dutch 1/10 nitro on-road National Rd2


The second round of the Dutch 1/10 nitro on-road National Championship was held at the technical and twisty track of Gouda over the weekend. The track surface is very smooth and low grip needing a good setup that gets you around the tight hairpins, yields good traction and is stable in the long sweepers. Not easy to get it all at the same time.

After qualifying Daan Jacobs took a convincing pole with Julius Kolff in second 4 seconds behind but only 0.018s ahead of Milan Holthuis in third. The dutch race format gives 2 x 20 minute finals that are added using a points system. So you need 2 good runs!

This proved the issue for Daan, who had an engine cut at the start of the first final. Julius could take the lead from the tone, but had as he planned an extra fuel stop for safety he had to push the whole final as Milan stayed very close. Thanks to the quick stops of Raymond Tempelaars Julius managed to stay ahead and win.

The second final would be a desaster for Milan as he blew up his engine, over revving in the pit while checking gearbox issues. With Milan out before the start Julius just needed a 2nd place behind Daan to win overall, but again Daan would have a troubled final. That left Julius with an easy cruise to take my first Nationals win this year.

With Milan and Daan out of the podium spots it created a close battle for 2nd and 3rd spots. It would turn into a full Serpent podium with John Weijtboer in 2nd and Jurmin Etnel taking the last podium place.