HRC Racing Star Charger V3.0 with LiHV mode


HRC Racing have introduced the lastet version of its popular Star Charger, now called V3.0. The Star Charger V3.0 allows user to charge up to 80W / 6A all kind of RC batteries, including High Voltage LiHV and DJI Smart batteries. The charger also include 3 complete user manuals, in English, French and German.

Technical Datas:

  • Input voltage: DC 11V~18V / AC100~259V
  • Charge current: 0.1~6A, 0.1A step
  • Discharge current: 0.1~2A, 0.1A step
  • Nicd/NiMH Cells: 1~15 Cells
  • LiHV/LiPo/LiFe/LiIo Cells: 1~6 Cells
  • Lead-acid(Pb): 2~20V
  • Batterie Smart: I / II / III
  • Cut-Off Voltage: adjustable
  • Balance: 2~6 Cells
  • Display: 16*2 characters LCD
  • 10 datas memories
  • 1 to 5 charge/discharge cycle
  • Multiple Security System: Multiple Security System is based in continuous checking these 5 parameters: voltage, capacity, time, temperature and peak current.